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  1. No. Just no.
  2. Surprise!!! if you ever get on again XD
  3. ... Dork. XD <3
  4. lol I know =p.
    But there is time in between the messages where I am bored =D.
  5. o.O
    lol I'm texting you. XD
    But haha ok, I'm bored too.
  6. Rawr!!! = )

    Yea, I'm bored.... lol
  7. Ily!
    Leaving for camp now. Dx
  8. -hugs back-
    Yeah, I am gonna head for bed now.
    I have exams tomorrow. Dx haha.
    Nighty night. Sleep well!!
    <333 you too!! :3
  9. Awww, -hugs-
    and you needs your sleep!!!
    You have to keep your grades up = )
    I think I'm going to bed though
    Night, sleep well
    <3 u!!
  10. Pshhh.
    I don't need sleep. XD
    I took a nap earlier. haha.
    I wanted to sneak on to see if D replied.
    And he did, I am like wtf to like, everything he said. X__X;
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