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  1. cool beans, its a freesytle comp so at least you can have fun with it..
    SotW 131 :: Theme :: Freestyle - Gamers Forum
  2. I might man, it depends on what I'm doing at the time, I've been busy selling tracks, and making my album though so I'm not sure. I'll try if I have the time though, you might need to link me to the SOTW so I don't get lost in the forums.
  3. Hey buddy, gunna get an entry in for the latest SOTW comp?
  4. Set the font size to 12, then rasturise the text layer. Then press Ctrl+T and adjust the size that way, see it looks any better.
  5. I increasing the size of the text via. the character window thingy
  6. How are you changing the size? Are you changing the font size or using the transform tools?
  7. Is there a way to change the size of the ''Visitor BRK 1'' font in Photoshop without altering the look of it? Because when I resize the font, it changes style :/
  8. Self taught.
  9. Did you go to college for GFX as well?, or are you self taught?
  10. Doing Gfx for several years. Started when I was 17.
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