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  1. I finally bought my own minecraft account thankyou for allthe time you let me spend on yours
  2. ya that would be nice
  3. Thanks, LiNuX is helping now on the forums, maybe I can get it done with today,
  4. oh that sucks hope you can get it fixed soon
  5. Sorry man, xD
    I have this (possible virus) and it is raping my RAM. As soon as this is dealt with it will be up 24/7.
  6. i cant seem to get on whats the port? for your mc server?
  7. Alright, good response.
  8. ya of course trust me Ive been practicing but am going with gut stuff and i dont do this for winning i do it for the fun of making the sigs i could care less who wins.
  9. Listen, as you have been improving, I am not trying to be mean, or intimidating, I think you need more practice. Are you sure you want to battle me?
  10. oh well it looks cool good luck my friend... Good luck...
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