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  1. I notice a lot of little things. Lol.
  2. 130 or 132 (I am thinking 5 more pixels than what it is now). Might try something tomorrow to check.

    You know, I never noticed that little black space there until you just mentioned it.
  3. Oh and maybe you might know this...

    The banner, do you think that 800x130 will cover the black line at the bottom of the current banner?
  4. yeah, we plan on picking sometime this month (Probably at the end of the month)
  5. I do have a small question. Are you still accepting applications for moderators?
  6. that's awesome, thanks!!
  7. I haven't given up on graphics, don't worry.
  8. By the way, new Banner. Working on one to propose.
  9. That statement becomes more true each and every day my life progresses to a more aged being.

    Quite sad really.
  10. yeah barely have time to do anything I want.
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