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  1. Dear Bob, it entertains me that you are able to say that so literally.
  2. Dear Diligence. I miss sleeping next to you. =(
  3. Just wanted to say hi and I love you even though you never replay to my texts. =P
  4. Quote Originally Posted by BobTD View Post
    Microsoft is a soulless collection of villains.

    I would +rep you for this but I can't
  5. Look at all the fun debates Im getting people involved in... ok well maybe Im not leaving them enough to argue. But I will turn these members into participating debaters eventually!
  6. I was busy teaching someone Tarot D: I got your text much later XD I tried to see if you were still up in IRC but alas, it is stupidly late and you are not
  7. Dili why dont you love me anymore?! *sobs*
  8. Quote Originally Posted by BobTD View Post
    Hmm.. ok, well debates where always my favorite part of online forums. Not for arguments sake, but because of all the interesting things people came up with. Right now we miss a lot of creativity because the serious news board is mainly limited to current events.

    But I guess if it doesn't have the enthusiasm behind it it wouldn't work to well.
    I feel that this would be awesome... I'd be behind it. What sort of things would you be posting? I know you were texting me for ideas for this and I kinda drew a blank and feel asleep XD You could probably post things on the Post Anything board and if it picked up we'd make the sub forum. Rather then plan for the new board by creating it, create the demand and the board will follow...

    But yeah - I'd be all for it. Post some interesting threads and see how it goes
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