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  1. Awh yeh! I appreciate it! Will give it a listen tonight (:
  2. check out the home page story this morning .. you (and a couple of others) have been heard and action has been taken!
  3. Haha will do then! I am well! Hope you are too <:
  4. It's cool .. keep an eye on the site tho - it won't be long before I have it ready! Hope you're well <3
  5. hmmm well maybe I'll have to wait a little haha
  6. Well I am working on a feature for my site that will allow you to play it on there, but it's not quite ready yet hehe
  7. awh mann I've been avoiding downloading itunes for yearsss lol
  8. Aye .. but it's free so all good ... yay!
  9. I'll have to check it out Do I have to download itunes?
  10. Hi Lemon, hope you're well. Dunno if this interests you but me and a friend are doing some free podcasts .. if you feel inclined to take a poke it's on Itunes and is linked here - Announcing .. Startled By Midgets - The Podcast!
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