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  1. Hi mate, hope you're well. Dunno if this interests you but me and a friend are doing some free podcasts .. if you feel inclined to take a poke it's on Itunes and is linked here - Announcing .. Startled By Midgets - The Podcast!
  2. Credit where it's due mate .. I'm always impressed by ur awesomeness on that score
  3. thanks for the rep mr jango!!
  4. You're welcome mate .. good words/deeds deserve some recognition in my book, especially if they're behind the scenes :O)
  5. Thanks for the +rep Jango!
  6. yw mate
  7. Thanks for the +rep Mr. Jango!
  8. Okie dokie,!
  9. perhaps I should give at least a reference point .. how about a dragon/phoenix theme for it?

    beyond that .. it's over to you :P
  10. Nope .. I'll leave that up to your creativity .. I like original stuff, so would prefer to not influence you too much. Just do your THANG!
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