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  1. I suppose it's nothing a dictionary can't solve... I just have to find one.
  2. Yeah i hear ya, but ur school work is more important
  3. I find it even more difficult when I want to look up info for summer homework. I guess I'm on my own now, because I'm not using my library time on that when I could be on GF. XD
  4. yeah, its tuff not having internet even more so when ur so use to having it, but ull be ok im sure
  5. Indeed it is, which doesn't work well for us.
  6. yeah, satellite is expensive isnt it?
  7. Yesterday I was at a relative's house with internet, and today the library. I'm just using what I can until we have money for sattellite or something.
  8. thats good im glad things are going ok for you. So what are u doing for internet
  9. My internet withdrawal isn't as bad as I was afraid of... and the house is really nice other than the lack of that connection.
  10. Yooooooo, how are you and how is the new house
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