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  1. We did, but I didn't try to sled in that. We had a lot of variety this winter.
  2. yeah walking back up always sucks. So i take it you didnt get much wet sticky snow
  3. We tried that... but after my brother and I going down about 50 times each we got tired of walking back up the hill and the sleds still wouldn't move well.
  4. awww u should have got a tube. After u force urself down a few times, the snow packs down and then u will have urself a nice fast run to go down.
  5. Same here... the only problem though is that there was too much snow to sled. I kept sinking. :P
  6. snowdays are terrible cause theres not much u can really do anyways. Kinda just a lazy day at home mixed with some possible sledding. But in the end i'd much rather a long spring break with nice weather,
  7. That's kind of how we had it. It wasn't that the snow would stick very much, but that it stormed and snowed rather often.
  8. yeah same here in connecticut. We had are first white xmas in a while this year. But after that we got next to nothing for snow. Had plenty of storms but nothing really stuck around for long.
  9. Sometimes, but in the past few years there hasn't been much.
  10. so u usually get snow before christmas?
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