GF Gamer of the Year 2012

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Welcome to the sixth annual GF Gamer of the year.

Sorry for the delayed set up but my schedule is far more complicated than it was a year ago.

You are allowed to Nominate TWO People. You are allowed to Nominate yourself and that will count as one of two nominations. The 5 people with the highest nominations will be put in a poll in mid February to determine who really was the Gamer of the Year. If there is a tie in nominations, a tie breaker may be used.

Here are the nominations so far:
- None

Nominate away. Do not Nominate LiNuX...he is banned from the competition. Everyone else is eligible including Game Reviewers, our GFX Staff, the GF Community Usergroups, as well as Moderators.

The winner of the GOTY will receive all the prestige of the year. The year 2013 is here for us, let's remember 2012 as the great year that it was. Thank you all for being a part of our forum and for being part of the enormous growth we have had over the past few years, let's roll through 2013!

Nominate your favorite GF Gamer of 2012!
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