The Cold Hard Truth #1

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I am so excited about The Elder Scrolls Online. SO. Excited.

It is to bad this game will fail.

I am not saying it wont enjoy some success. It will at first, but the constant fresh content needed will dry up. And the user base? It will be split between 3 systems that don't share members.


And these 3 groups will not be equal. You will have a lot of other great MMO games vying your attention on the PC, and these players will always have something new to try. The console gamers will be paying additional charges to play, with console subscription, so they wont want to pay that extra $15 TESO fee forever. Everyone will play until they have experienced the main quest and explored a bit but then they will unsubscribe and wait for the next content pack. And those content packs will be few and far between.

Am I making this up? I'm predicting, and I like to stick to safe bets because I love being right. So when I tell you those content packs will be few and far between I mean they will run into the same problem The Old Republic ran into. The content quality is so high its a detriment.

TOR was fully voice acted for starters. TESO will also be fully voice acted. That is pretty rare in any MMO, and there is a reason for it. The higher standard you set for the quality of a game, the longer it takes you to develop content for it. So I'm predicting the same problems will apply to the TESO. And this makes it hard to convince players to keep paying a $15 fee on top of a console fee.

The other big reason TESO will have a problem is because Wildstar is looking so damn good. This means the PC gamer's will most certainly be spread a bit thin. Im not saying it is better, they arent even out yet. But Wildstar is defiantly going to gouge the MMO pocket share. And I suspect it will in a big way.

I am a huge fan of TES so this bums me out as well. But sometimes we have to look at the cold hard truth.

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  1. LiNuX's Avatar
    I haven't played Elder Scrolls myself, but a few of my coworkers are looking forward to it. I think they signed up for the beta as well.
  2. paecmaker's Avatar
    I love the elder scrolls universe and if they keep the feeling from the sp games I will definitly give it a chance(even if I actually prefer sp games)
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