Crae's Adventures With the GF Crew (Icewind Dale)

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I recently dusted off my uncle's collection of old games and discovered, among other great titles, Icewind Dale. In Icewind Dale the first thing you do when you start a new game is create 6 characters for your party. I decided to create characters with the names of some GF regulars.

The Characters:

Crae, the Tall
Dwarf warrior.
I got fairly crappy rolls for this character, but finally managed to get my constitution maxed and my strength and dexterity to decent levels. The title the tall is for my above average height, and I find some irony in that my character is a dwarf.

Linux, the Admin
Human paladin
The first roll on this character was truly righteous. High charisma (A paladin's main stat), max strength, Max dexterity and a high constitution. Not much else to say about the character except he dies a lot.

Egw, of the White Egg
halfling thief
The name is a play on his username eggwhites. Probably the second most useful character so far.

Mizel, of the Dark
Elf cleric
More amazing rolls, with charisma and wisdom at Max and high everything else, besides a low strength. Surely the most useful character ever. Everyone always needs heals.can't carry anything though.

Jak, the Mass Poster
Human bard
Very balanced statwise. I haven't figured out how to use bard skills yet. Somehow this character has 70% of the kills and manages to do tons of damage.

Trunks, the Athlete
Human Mage
More crappy rolls on this character, although I got some really nice Intel and ok constitution. This character is so far completely useless. No spells at low level, no damage and he gets killed by everything. He currently just stands back and cheers. I thought the name was ironic because he's a mage.

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  1. Trunks's Avatar
    haha, I like how you named the characters off of people here, pretty neat. Sounds like an interesting game as well.
  2. egg-whites333's Avatar
    I love it! do i kill people with my annoying powers?