New GF Theme : GF Morbid Blue

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New Theme added, it seems to be very compatible with the GF Blogs, less bugs than Darkvision GF>

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In celebration of the Forum's 6th Birthday coming up in a week, we have added a brand new theme to the Mix. The theme is called GF Morbid Blue. You can select the new theme from the bottom left hand drop down list (Theme selector) on any page on click the following link: Gamers Forum

The theme should be more compatible with our version of vB, the popups should be readable but some bugs will remain.

The new theme is not the main theme, since Dark themes have been our signature for quite some time (minus the Red & Silver) but if you would like to see it as the main theme, please let me know here.

Enjoy the new theme! I hope to add more in the future!

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