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Can I Post Links in the Forum?

Yes. Thats the simple answer for it. But you must have at least 10 posts and have been a member of our forum for at least 24 hours. Yes You MUST meet both requirements otherwise you will not be able to post links or images.

How Many Links Can I Have in my Post?

Well the answer would be infinite but to control spam and avoid trouble, it has been capped out at a maximum of 10. It will allow you to post more but a moderator will probably close that thread and warn you or even give you an infraction for spammed advertisements. So please be aware.

What Kind of Links are Considered Illegal Links?

First and most hated are the adult website links. NO links to porn related websites, this can and probably will get you banned without warning.

Please do not post to warez related sites or illegal downloads sites including torrent websites. We consider these illegal and harmful to our other content.

Referral links to get certain prizes in other websites, false promises, or phishing links are all illegal. Phishing links will get you banned. Referral links to websites to give out free products and do not deliver, your post will be deleted and an infraction will be given. Referral links to other forums or websites will not be considered spam under certain circumstances. These circumstances are determined by the staff looking at the post at that time.

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