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What is an Arcade?

An arcade is just a place where you can go and play games. These games are usually classic games that came out many years ago or have been developed now. Usually powered by flash, these can be very fun games to play and sometimes worth the time to put in.

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How did you put an arcade into the forum?

The arcade is a mod known as ibproarcade found on There are a few other arcade mods but this one was the chosen one. We just implemented it into our product manager and tweaked with the styles.

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How do I get into the arcade?

You can find the Arcade link on the top left corner, the navigation bar under the forum logo on the top right corner, or you can click the quick link drop down button on the navbar and click arcade. You can also go straight into it by putting the following url into your browser:

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Do I have to pay to play the games?

No. This forum is providing you the service of all the games in the arcade for free. All we ask of you is that you register and be an active member on our forum. Requirements to play some games may go up as time passes by.

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What are the requirements to play the games now?

We are going easy so the only requirement is that you are a member of our forum and you have a minimum of (10) TEN total posts. This will probably change as time passes by. You also need at least 0 Rep Points to play, default is 10 Rep Points so be careful not to get any negatives.

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How Do I Find Out How Many Championships I have?

A way to see the number of championships a person, whether it's you or a friend, has won is to find the person in the arcade and click his or her username. Or if you can't find that person, do a search on the forum Gamers List and find the person's userid which is a number from 1 digit to 3 digits for now.

In the above link just copy and paste and put the person's USER ID # where it says it and you should get a report.

To check your own rankings, you can save yourself some trouble and just go to the arcade and click the button that says YOUR RANKINGS or click the link below:


You will see all the games you have played, your highest score achieved, # of times played, and the age of the high score reign at this time (not your reign)

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask in the board and someone will be more than happy to answer with best of their knowledge.

Enjoy yet another feature of the New Gamers Forum Arcade! Tell your friends to join up and start playing, absolutely free!

What is the Leaderboard and How Do I Become Leader of the Leaderboard?

In Leader of the Leaderboard, you get points for finishing in one of the Top 10 score list of any games and I will list the point per rank below. You can click the Leaderboard button above the arcade to see where you stand. You will not get on that list if you have never made the top 10 score list of any game.

This is the Rank and the number of points you will get, it is RANK - POINTS:

  • Points for highscore-rank #1 - 10
  • Points for highscore-rank #2 - 9
  • Points for highscore-rank #3 - 8
  • Points for highscore-rank #4 - 7
  • Points for highscore-rank #5 - 6
  • Points for highscore-rank #6 - 5
  • Points for highscore-rank #7 - 4
  • Points for highscore-rank #8 - 3
  • Points for highscore-rank #9 - 2
  • Points for highscore-rank #10 - 1
  • Points for ranks outside the Top10 - 0

You will not lose these points if you lose your spot don't worry, it'll just keep adding on and all you have to do is rank 10 at any game 1,000 times and be the leader.

If you have any questions abuot that feature don't hesitate to ask in the board.

Thank you and enjoy another great feature to keep competitions high!

Why doesn't the arcade let me submit my score or leave a comment?

You can only submit your scores or leave a comment if you are one of the highest scorers. Otherwise the game will just refresh. Also be sure to check the the bottom of the score page to see if there is a spot open for comments. Sometimes it stays hidden.

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When commenting, can we use profanity?

NO!!! It will be counted as an inappropriate remark and you will get an infraction. We will moderate comments as if they are forum posts so please watch what you say.

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Can I report a comment if I see that it is inapprorpriate?

Yes you can. If you believe a comment is offensive or very unrelated, you can PM any staff member with a link to the game's high scores and the name of the person that commented. Unfortunately, the comment system does not have a way for you to report it with just a click.

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How Can I Challenge Other Members?

You cannot anymore. Due to upgrade of the forum to a better version, this feature has been taken off and has been replaced with the Tournament System.

My Question was Not Answered, What do I do?

If your question was not answered, please ask in the Arcade Questions & Suggestions Board. Please ask here ONLY if you have arcade related questions. Otherwise post questions in the other Questions & Suggestions board.

Thank you for reading the Arcade FAQs!

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