Children of the Dark (Invite Only Group)


This social group is strictly for those who are of a different mindset than the rest. We focus on different values than those who trick themselves into thinking that the world is all happiness and pissing rainbows, those who think there's all good and no evil.

We are those with opened eyes.
We are those born in a different light, or lack thereof.
We are those who are different
We are those who no one talks to
We are the loners

We are the Children of the Dark.

This social group focuses on anything goth, emo, or otherwise slightly different from the rest. What would get you labeled as a wierdo or a freak in other places, is no problem here. We accept wierdness, and would never judge a guy on what he says, only what he does.

What you say can be very impulsive, but words cannot harm anyone directly, unless said person decides himself to do so due to what you have said.
However, actions can, and you are in complete control of your actions at any time, and any actions that harms anyone(yourself included) are inexcuseable in any way form or fashion. We turn our backs to VERY little, but violence is never an answer, not to you, not to us, not to anyone.

If you agree with the above, welcome :)

How to join:

This is not your common public spot, as people of a certain mindset are required to join.

To join, send me(Saph) a request to join Children of the Dark through PM. I will then send you an application with a few questions for you to answer. There're no right/wrong answers, but your answers will affect wether you are eligible to join or not. Just answer honestly :)

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