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    Lol I have a vendetta against the Haunted Mill :P I dont think their events are necessarily *bad*, but the people that work there suck. Most haunted attractions are open til like 10 for example, and if you get there by 10 you get to do all the events.... at the HM you've got to get there by like fkn 8 to do all the events, it pisses me off haha But otherwise I like them only because they've got the most attractions. Ahahaha, that's hilarious that he called you gay!! That made me lol xD

    Field of Screams is meh, so-so. I think they are too mainstream nowadays to the point of overdoing it and not being good anymore. Honestly, I don't really think that any of them are necessarily scary. I normally just go for ****s and giggles and if they happen to catch me off guard and scare me then that's just an added plus haha Last one I went to that I was legitimatly scared by was Shocktoberfest.... they had this whole floor in the haunted house that was barely lit, and it was filled with mannequins.... like regular ones and clown looking ones *shudders* And they looked SO real in the dark that you couldnt tell what was a real person and what was just a doll.... well, I had a few of them jump out at me and actually startled me to the point of screaming lol even AFTER I knew what was going on, it still scared me :P So that's a good one.

    Also, last weekend I just went to Bates Motel which is in Glen Mills near Philly. It's one of the countries top haunted attractions supposedly, they were even featured on the Travel Channel... I really liked them. They weren't totally scary, but they weren't lame either. And you can tell they pumped a LOT of money into that place because everything is top of the line. So it's not like lame crappy props. Was nifty
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    Both! I believe Ive been to every haunted attraction in a 3 hour radius around central PA LoL xD
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    Well that sucks -__- Get on that! lol :P Oh, I wanna go painballing sooooo bad! Everyone I know is too much of a ***** to go with me... *whining* "No, it's gonna hurt too much, blah blah blah" *rolls eyes* lol Ah well, maybe Ill get there one of these days xD Are the obstacle courses for paintballing, or just regular old obstacle courses? Sounds pretty fun either way.... white water rafting would be badass! I guess tubing will just hafta do for me until I get to do that

    Zomg, friends in a metal band? Awesomesauce. There's def a lack of good local metal music in PA that's for sure. At least from what I see there is... makes me a sad panda
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    Hmmm.... wow, now that I think about, I really don't do a whole lot haha I mean in the summer when it's nice out I go tubing, and hiking/camping- things like that. Do a lot of random road trippin :P Otherwise, occaisonally the bar or casino or arcade. But, since I'm normally broke I just typically have peeps over to my apt to chill and game, drink whatever. How about you?
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    Inorite! Me either, tis craziness ^_^ Hah, fun.... yeeeeeup central PA sure is lol Ugh, yea right :P Ya know, Ive come to the conclusion that PA isn't exactly boring... it just sucks -__-
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    *Mr Burns style* Excellent. lol Oh wow, thats reallyyyy close to me. Like 20 mins haha Im from Mechanicsburg :P
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    Hey! I just noticed you were from PA. Do you mind me asking what part? Im from PA as well, so I was just curious. Im not a creeper I swear! Lol :P
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