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Review Dawn of Discovery
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    Default Dawn of Discovery

    Dawn of Discovery :

    Dawn of Discovery was released on June 23rd 2009 by Ubisoft. Although it is a real time strategy game, it sets itself apart from the others due to its wonderful game play. A feature of this game allows the player to go into a “overview mode” if you will. It allows us to take screenshots of our cities without any interface getting in the way. Although I will show you screenshots of the interface, it is my pleasure to provide for you a clean look into the heart of this game.

    I will be introducing a new layout for my reviews and I hope that it will allow you, the readers, an easier time of reading and understanding the review rather then just my words sitting in front of you.

    Title : Dawn of Discovery
    Genre : Real Time Strategy
    Publisher : Ubisoft
    Game Website : DAWN OF DISCOVERY | Dawn of Discovery Portal | Ubisoft
    Release : June 23rd, 2009

    Dawn of Discovery (DoD as it will be known through the rest of the review) is quite simple and easy to get into. The game-play allows a person to start it up, click campaign or continuous play, and have fun. DoD allows you to have the ability to customize your own game-play system with over 15 options to maximize your enjoyment. You are able to change how much money you start out with, how many resources are put on the map, whether or not you want the map to be revealed to you, etc. A game is hard to find that allows you to customize said options with the simplest of ease.

    The main menu, and the interface throughout DoD is simple yet complex in the idea that there are so many options you can chose but they are easy to find and get to. Here is a screenshot to show what the main menu looks like.

    As you can see, there are several options you can chose from such as “Previous Gamesave” which allows you to jump back right back in where you left off without having to to go and find those pesky gamesaves. Another interesting option of the main menu is the “Gateway to the World” option. This allows you to connect directly to your Ubisoft account and upload your images and gamesaves for safe keeping for later use.

    Now, it was mentioned that there was a wide range of options to allow you to customize your game-play to better suite you. This was no lie. There are 32 different options you can choose to make things easier if you just want to play a relaxing game, or harder if you want to be challenged. An example of an easier game is if you were to turn up your starting gold to the max and turn off all hazards such as plague, tornado's and fires. Here are a few screenshots of what some of the options are and what they do.

    The graphics in the game are fabulous, they are not graphics like Crysis but they are very good for a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. The buildings are repetitive and the trees all look the same for the most part, but that is to be expected with a game like this. There is no need for you to go off words alone. Here are a few screenshots that were taken during game. This is a handy feature that allows you to get rid of your interface and take fabulous screenshots of your city while you are playing.

    This city was built on a smaller scale, the boundaries can become much larger and the buildings can become much more elaborate then what you can see in those screenshots. Your abilities to build a magnificent city are endless.

    There are voice actors in this game, the voice acting is ok, but the the animation does not go along with the voices very well at all. This doesn't draw away from the continuity of the game, but it does put a damper on the greatness. It has a trace of the Warcraft III voices and animations if you remember those days. There is some humor in the acting, but not much. You really don't get to listen to your citizens, although they do talk to one another throughout the city.

    This game was a great surprise. We went into Dawn of Discovery thinking it was going to be a good game, and we came out thinking it was a great game. Don't go just on our word though, go out and download the demo and decide for yourself if you would like to buy it or not. But let this review be a guideline for you when you are mulling it over in your mind.
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    hey, you even put it in its English name for us. I have read this review before but haven't replied till now. I looked up the gold pack on STEAM for 49.99 and will probably get it at one time or another. Bit short on spending money right now after buying that wii. =P

    I am adding this to the list of games I should play though, since it very much looks like something I would enjoy.

    Great review. Thanks.
    "Prediction: Zenimax Online is making an MMO set in the elder scrolls universe" -BobTD 8-25-2010 (search it on the forum)

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