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    Default What to Talk about? FAQs

    If you are trying to figure out what you should talk about here, wonder no more, read this post and you will understand everything this board will allow you to talk about.

    First and foremost, you DO NOT advertise here, it will get you banned.

    What should I talk about here?

    The arcade, what else? You can talk about the Games in there, discuss how you can maybe get better at some games or if you just want to share how you are the new champion of that game.

    Please notice next to your username in your posts, you will see a little trophy if you are the current scoring leader of any game. Example is my username. And if you click on that username, you will see a dropdown list of the current games that users is champion in. Under that you will see the Issue Challenge for this user.

    Please click to read about Issuing Challenges.

    Can we brag about our high scores?

    Of course go ahead. But please watch out and dont get too cocky and start fights in this forum. It will lead to infractions and eventual ban. You can open a new topic bragging away about your new high score in any game. Please if you do this - I would really really appreciate it if you can give your feedback on the game because opening a thread with just saying "I HAVE THE HIGH SCORE IN THIS GAME" will be counted as SPAM.

    Can I ask you how the arcade works or how you put games in there?

    No you may not ask this in this board. You can ask this in our Arcade Questions & Suggestions board.

    more content will be added as time goes by. Have fun in this board.

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