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    half the time i dont know


    cant say im a fan of this game!!
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    Really? As they updated runescape I felt it got worse and worse. On top of that, it got more and more clunky. Of course, it's been about a year since I checked it out. I heard something about in the wilderness where you now have to accept duals from people? Hopefully that was just a rumor otherwise the game has gotten really really silly...

    I miss the original look and the time it was actually hard to obtain rune. Now anyone could get it in about the first few days of playing if they're smart enough and productive enough. Even party hats n' the like are kind of easy to come by.

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    A friend of mine says he played RuneScape way back when (seriously, when was this?) and it was apparently really, really fun.
    He agrees now that it sucks and should only be played by nerds.
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    Hahaha, I wouldn't say that. I would however say it's just not the same...

    if your age is right(based on what it says in your profile n' such.), you would have been like. Five? When it was first coming out? Or something like that. I could be off on the years. But uh, yeah. It's been around and I swear every new year they butcher it more.
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    Honestly, I think its better than it was in '07. But I'm sure its original style was much better than both.

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    runescape was amazing back in its day, but jagex (makers of runescape) got a new ceo and totally ****ed the game up bad. Like, making the hitpoints all ****ed, and the dps all ****ed and pretty much just making it a free ****ty version of WoW. Kinda sad...

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