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Thread: fifa 11

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    Default Fifa rocks

    Anyone know of any good tourneys for Fifa?

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    I don't do tournaments myself mate, just concentrate on winning the British Isles league on clubs and climbing up the world rankings.

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    Never played a soccer game. I like watching it tho.

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    I would save my money for fifa 12. Fifa 11 is great but It will be obsolete when Fifa 12 come's out

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    OK ussualy i dont play sports games expecialy football, am not a fan of football, but something happend when i god knows what reason installed fifa 11. that game completly changed my view on sports games for PC. since i was holding that sports simulations are not for pc only but for consols.

    This game changed that and therefor thanks to EA games (once for change).

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    i just say that is the awsum game i ever played.The main thing in this game is its vivid graphics or realistic surroundings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramadecay View Post
    I love it.
    Me too. I also love this game. Its awesome game. Even i have completed this game 2 or 3 time and still playing this game.


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    Fifa 13is my favorite fifa series games due to graphics and console game mode.

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    I hate fifa 13. Only one reason though. They didnt put my country rep. in game. Hmpf.

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    Get Fifa 13 you will be much happier!

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