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Help Me Call of Duty MW2 runs very slow on Win7
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    Default Call of Duty MW2 runs very slow on Win7

    I used to have CoD MW2 installed on my PC with XP SP3 and the game played beautifully. recently I've upgraded to Win7 and just installed the game on it. It runs very very slow. the first 30 seconds are kind of ok, but then it starts freezing and sometimes even crashes.
    I updated my video card driver and directX -- no change.
    I've also tried running with XP SP3 compatibility, and with steam in offline mode, but nothing helps.
    I suspect the game doesn't use my video card. possible? how can I check?
    Anyone has another idea?

    OS: Win7
    CPU: QX9650
    RAM: 4GB
    video card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 512


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    Your system that you have is nice and powerful and I think the best option to do is format and make sure you get yourself a other windows 7 cd, because the one that you have might be messed up because the other windows 7 cd that I had messed up my whole computer and my windows crashed so much when I play games or sometimes out of nowhere so get another windows 7 cd then the game would maybe play better, because I am playing MW2 on my pc and I am running windows 7 32bit and my friend in on windows 7 64bit.

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    Check your page file.

    Remove System Managed, and set the page file to Drive C and set it to 8191 MB.

    Reboot, then try it again and let me know.

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    Download speedfan and take a look at your temperature - something could be overheating.

    I had a similar issue about two years ago when my GPU kept overheating when I played L4D. Game would be fine for the first few minutes then slow down big time. And eventually crash.
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