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    Splatter house is a continuous game spanning back to the NES, I think; Iím not entirely sure, and onward to Xbox360, spanning about 24 years. As you begin, you play as Rick dying on the floor hearing his final thoughts as he bleeds out all over the place and reaching for a picture of him and Jenny, his girlfriend. Out of nowhere, this mask appears and tells you he will fix you up and help you save your girl. As you put on the mask you do not transfer into a funny green face guy with an epic sense of humor you become a super killer, like Jason. So the storyline is pretty up front from the start, you transfer to save your girlfriend and along the way we learn of what lead up to the events of rick lying on the ground dying. Little spoiler the reason for what happening is related to you doing something in the past apparently. I canít really say much more without killing the storyline.

    Game play:
    Itís a spank and run game, my term for hack and slash, you are super killer and your goal is to kill everything around you that isnít human. The game just in general is extremely violent from the first kill to your final kill you will see a lot of violent which isnít a bad thing because itís really interesting the amount of ways you can kill demons, they are called corrupted in this game. As it is a spank and run game it different with a lot of crap you have to avoid that will one shot you is fun and makes it more fun but more annoying at the same time. The biggest problem of all from the get go right off the back is some of the ďMini bossesĒ these are corrupted that arenít one hit quitters but actually take a little time to kill and without your berserker mode, check special abilities for details, it will take a while to kill them and they are hard.
    Since it is a gory game there will be of course weapons, ranging from your own ripped off arm to corrupted arms to 2x4s, lead pipes, butcher knife, chain saw, heads of corrupted, and 12 gauge shot. Until you get the skill to rip arms off the corrupted weapons are few and far between. Weapons will start to become a common sight later on. I would say from about phase, level, 1 till about phase 6 you will seeÖ maybe a max of 2-4 weapons a level. My numbers arenít perfect but that is how I remember it. One thing that really pissed me off about this game was the fact of every time you learned something in the game EVERYTIME it would stop the game you would freak out cause you thought the Xbox just crashed and than 3 seconds later a little message would appear explaining your new ability. WTF

    Controls: As all other spank and run games the controls are as you would expect, hit, jump, heavy hit, special abilities. As you beat the crap out of all the enemies youíre going to face you gain blood, this is the key component to using your special abilities, little pro tip, always have one bar left no matter what donít use it all unless you really have to, IE Boss battles.
    On line play: HAHAhAHA, what online play?
    Special Abilities:
    There is a butt load, first and foremost the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO YOUR EXISTANCE IN THIS GAME MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR POKEMENS, the health drain. I forgot the name of the ability but all it does is allow you to recover health so you donít die, itís very handle from the get go since you will face an onslaught of enemies. After that you learn Berserker mode which is pretty much your most epic form possible, you get a taste of it at the start but you have to wait a little bit before unlocking it. I think you get it after Phase 3.
    You get upgrades to your basic abilities ranging from normal attacks to mask abilities, which allow you to transform into berserker mode. The normal and heavy attack upgrades just adds hit onto your combos before restarting. Once you max out normal attack you can rapidly hit X and you will throw a lot of punches which is good for blood gaining. You can also gain more health and nerco power, which allows you to do your special abilities and gain blood.
    After you weaken any corrupted, even bosses, they turn red, they also turn yellow which indicates they are about to attack, and that means you can execute a timed attack sequence, TAS, if you screw up on this they regain about 25% health and you have to go back to beating them, its annoying.

    Overall: The game is a decent length to kill some time; it took me about 3 days to beat. Some of the bosses were retardedly stupid hard. I had it on normal and they are hard to beat because they do ground pound attacks which does a butt load of damage. This time around I didnít really like the storyline cause Iím tired of all the ďOne man taking the weight of the world on his shoulders to save the one he loves,Ē Its crap and annoying. Itís another genre/ fan boy type of game meaning if you enjoy this type of games and youíve played the other 3 Splatter Houses you will get a kick out of it. What will keep you in this game is one aspect, one single aspect that will make you keep playing this gameÖ The Mask, he has a mouth on him and he isnít afraid to use it. The one thing overall that will make or break this for you guys is the load time if you die you have to wait 30 seconds up to a minute to start to play again and all it does is loop one of 3 things, a corrupted screaming, a butcher corrupted chopping something, and lastly two corrupted dogs or what not fighting over some food. They are about 10 seconds long and loop over and over and its pathetic how noticeable the loop is. Even a blind guy could tell.
    Lastly over all, there is porn in this game in the form of your girlfriend in different outfits and what not.

    the mask
    The fun and interesting ways to kill corrupted
    The weapons
    Switch from third person ďfree roamĒ to side scroller. Keep true to its roots.

    The long load times
    The boss fights and their ground pound attacks
    The stupidity of the enemies, how two weak corrupted enemies can damn near kill you


    Since a lot of games are lacking online capabilities games like this have really low replay value unless you really like these games, as stated before. I'm not sure how you could imply online with this game but it can be done but people donít want to.

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    Lovely Review Jokersvirus It's really a pitty this game is not out for PC i feel like playing this game and it's only available for PS 3 and Xbox 360

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