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Review Deus Ex Human Revolution review
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    Default Deus Ex Human Revolution review

    ”Prepare to travel to a world divided by greed, power and fear.

    Welcome to the world of

    Deus ex Human revolution.

    Deus ex Human revolution is an action rpg set in the year of 2027. Its mostly played as a fps except when you take cover(more to that later)


    In Deus Ex Human Revolution you play as Adam Jensen, a freshly hired chief of security for the biomech company Sarif Industries. The year is 2027 and the “thing” in that time is augmentations, or biomechanical body parts. In other words people are “upgrading” their bodies with mechanical body parts like arms legs, even computer chips in their brains.
    Well Sarif Industries is one of the top producers and developers when it comes to that.

    But during a catastrophic break in you are critically wounded and for you to survive your bosses are changing much of your body with state of the art augmentations. So your task is to find who almost killed you and why.


    DEHR is played as an fps except for some places when you take cover, engage in close quarter and activating a few augmentations. You can say that the gameplay is strictly divided into several “lanes”. The two main lanes are Battle and stealth, let’s begin with battle shell we.

    The combat in DEHR is strictly cover based if you are caught in the open you are DEAD, this game is not a run and gun so if you though it would be similar to cod you are wrong. However even if your health is regenerating it will only matter between fights because it takes extremely long time to go back to full health and only a few hits will take you back down to red .

    (Epic battle)

    You also got several weapons which are pretty normal for most fps games; you got the pistol, the smg, the shotgun and so on. However you also get non lethal weapons, because in this game you are not forced to kill anyone (apart from a few guys) Also making this game harder is that many enemies are pretty resilient with heavy armor, to take them down efficiently you need to aim for the head or you will waste LOTS of ammo, and ammo is pretty scarce so I recommend that you save it to the boss fights (More to that later)

    Except from the weapons you are also a really dangerous yourself. When you get up close to an enemy you got two choices, do you want to kill him or just neutralize him, Killing someone is loudly and take some time, however if you just neutralize him someone else can find the body and wake him up again. To make sure the bodies are not discovered you can move them and hide them. Also most of your weapons can be upgraded with special upgrade kits you can find or buy at stores; you buy the kit and choose the weapon you want to upgrade.

    The other large lane is stealth. Stealth is highly encouraged at some places, and I think it works really good. I had really fun when I were hiding from enemies and cameras. To make it more interesting most maps are really open with many paths to go and even if it first looks like you are forced to go one way a quick look may open up new paths.

    As I said earlier you can choose if you want to kill someone or just put him to sleep(unconscious) there are many ways to do it. Close quarter are a good way but there are several weapons only used to stun and neutralize enemies, however all of these weapons are slow to fire and you still need to be close but they are pretty quiet.

    Apart from the enemy soldiers there are a few more things to look out for, mostly defense systems like cameras, robots and cannons. Cameras sound the alarm if they see you and the robots are not funny to face. Cannons are easy to avoid if you know how. But the defenses can work for you to, which bring us to the hacking.

    Hacking is an important part of the game as there are many locked doors without codes. The object in hacking is to unlock certain places while remaining unnoticed via a mini game. Just be careful because the world still moves on even if you are hacking.

    But sometimes you don’t need to battle or sneaking or even hack into things. Talking to characters can sometimes be important and you may be able to unlock places where you had to sneak into earlier, also you can sometimes persuade people to help you, or at least that they shouldn’t kill you. The communications are really important as they can change the whole course of the game so answer carefully.

    I said earlier that you were “upgraded” but you can do it better. If you get a hold of something called Praxis kit you can go into a page and upgrade your augments to improve or even get whole new abilities. These can range from normal stuff like better aim and that you can run longer distances but also enable cloaks and sneaky sneaky things.

    Also you got an inventory where you can stash all from weapons to energy packs(using abilities draws energy) and you can unlock more space in the upgrade page.

    Even if there are a few places that are relativly linear most places are not. Most of the time you will be playing in one of the "city hubs" massive open places that you are free to run around wherever you want(except for a few places where you have to sneak, or fight yourself in). In these places you can find many secondary tasks by finding and talking to the right people.

    So everything has been perfect so far except for a few small errors I don’t bother mention. But the biggest error I think they did was the boss fights, the god damn boss fights.

    First of all these fights forces you to fight one way. It’s like they took everything they have done during the game and threw it into the garbage, even if you chose to do stealth these guys forces you to fight. And also if you don’t have the right weapons and upgrades they will be even more annoying(for example the best way to kill one boss almost kills you too and leaves you that one hit more kills you, unless you got this one upgrade that protects you to it).

    They also got so extreme amounts of life and with your little health means that you will die if you expose yourself just a bit too long. Don’t misjudge me, I like challenging bosses but then I want to be able to face them on my terms instead of changing the rules and cheating.

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Technology, AI graphics sounds.[/COLOR]

    The graphics arent top notch but I love how they have used what they got. The world almost looks like some similar version to blade runner, everywhere are nice neon signs and skyscrapers mixing together with run down appartments and poor people. Despite the improvements in biotech it doesnt look like they have done so much for the enviroment. However sometimes you see something that breaks this little illusion, for example I saw a boat far away and it looked really 2D and ugly. However there are many things that looks wonderful too, however I can’t say how it looks with the best options.

    The AI does its job even if there are a few strange choices sometimes. I had killed everyone except one last guy, and by killing I hadn’t been particulary quiet. He looks for me during a few seconds and then go back to his post like nothing happened. But mostly they are difficult and dangerous, no one can blame them for not being able to aim.

    The sounds are good. Most voices are perfect(even if I sometimes feel Jensen works to much sounding cool)

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Overview[/COLOR]

    DEHR is an action RPG that works in fps, however if you activate certain abilities or goes into cover it moves over to third person. The game mixes battle and stealth with hacking and talking. All things are equally important as you are free to choose your own game style. The battles are however strictly cover based as you die really fast and your health regenerates really slow. Also you got several abilities that you can upgrade and improve with special Praxis kits, also you can upgrade weapons.

    The game got a few minor faults like sometimes the AI behaves strange but the biggest problem is the boss fights, you are forced to face them in open battle whatever you got for play style, however they can still be beaten, just try to have a few Praxis points when you are facing them so you can adapt(It’s pretty obvious when you are going to face them).

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"] Points[/COLOR]

    Gameplay 9/10 I love the open style and how to choose your own path, however the bosses draw it down one step.

    Graphics 8/10 despite the graphics not being top notch exactly they do an amazing job with the world, the only real problem is with a few ugly backgrounds

    Sound 9/10 The sounds are really good and the voices are almost perfect

    Total 9/10 An almost perfect game drawn down by a few faults and bad boss fights. If you enjoy sneaking and open ended conspiracy games I promise, you will love this pearl.
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    Default cool game

    i just got this game on onlive... its pretty sweet i think

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