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    Quote Originally Posted by Synge View Post
    If you're still up for it around the time 1.3 releases (which is likely to be soon) I'll be up for some minecrafting. Until then, I don't wanna build anything cause it's likely we'll restart again to get the new features (emerald ore, jungle temples, desert temples and the new villages)
    I don't follow MC at all, so can someone remind me when the update comes out so I can update our server.

    Quote Originally Posted by EpsilonX View Post
    Is the server the same one listed under the forum servers post?
    Yes it is.
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    I awhile back if no one remembers, tried to introduce a server for us, but that turned into two 30 slot servers, ones tekkit.

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    I have looked around and I don't think there is another update scheduled yet. They have a list of features that are included with the special "snapshot" releases, but theres still no date for the official update that I could find. I would like to see a map reset when the new update comes out though.

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