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    Default Minecraft Technic Launcher

    There is a somewhat new Minecraft launcher called the Technic Launcher. The Technic Launcher is a standalone client that allows you to run Minecraft with pre-installed mod packs. These mod packs include The Yogbox, Technic SSP, Tekkit (The multiplayer version of Technic), Voxel Pack (A creative toolset, which comes from the popular Voxel server), and Hack/Mine. All of these mod packs add a lot of content to the game. I would suggest you check out the launcher.

    You can get the launcher from the Technic Pack website/. Enjoy

    Running the Launcher

    Just download the launcher from the Technic website then run the technic-launcher-latest.jar file using java. If you cant figure out where to go from there you should probably learn how to use google.

    Common Problem I Have Experienced

    Graphical Glitches

    The graphics will usually get discolored or holes will appear in the textures. This can be solved by installing a different version of Optifine. After downloading the correct version (be careful some of the mod packs don't use the latest minecraft version) open up the zip file and then copy the files in the zip into the modpack.jar file in "~/.techniclauncher/Mod you want to replace/bin". I only know where this path starts in Ubuntu so if you are running Windows or MacOS you may need to use google.

    Game Crashes When I Place a Wooden Pipe

    I believe this is only a problem in the Technic SSP mod pack. When you attach a wooden pipe to something from the Equivalent Exhange mod it will crash your game. To fix this go to the mod folder at "~/.techniclauncher/technicssp/mods" and change "" to "". This didn't work for me, maybe because I'm running Ubuntu, but everyone on the Technic SSP forum said it does.

    The Keys are Sticky and the Mouse acts Really Weird
    Not Necessarily a problem with the Technic Launcher, but on Unix-like systems (Maybe others) this happens. This YouTube video will help with that. I'm too lazy to put up direction.

    Hey Linux!

    I know you don't like installing mods on the GF minecraft server, but It's really easy to download the special server client. The client works with all Bukkit plugins and most people won't have a hassle using the mod pack.

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