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Avatar store is discriminating
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    Default Avatar store is discriminating

    Ok... I am a huge football fan and love to show my support.. well come to find out as a MALE avatar you can buy all kinds of NFL gear but as a FEMALE it is limited.... I have *never ONCE cried discimination but this is.... who is Microsoft and Xbox to say what someones preference in clothes and accesories might be.... This is unfair and uncalled for... I plan on finding all gamer blogs and forms and spreading the word that Microsoft and Xbox are stereo typing the male and female avaters and gamers.... All I want it to show my support for my Steelers in the way my husband can.

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    Female gear is limited for a reason.... because the majority of their sales, most likely comes from males. Sorry, but that's just common sense
    . Wouldn't really be the best business plan to invest money in something that you're probably not going to sell....

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    It's probably because you support the wrong team.

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    While I agree with you I also agree with Jaykub the Steelers, come on only good thing about them is their team colors..

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