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    Default Attack on Titan Tribute Game (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    Anyone play it?
    I'm actually leader of
    a clan on there "Ackerman".

    I've been playing the game
    since early November and I'm
    still amazed by it, I'm no pro
    but I have a gameplay or two.

    Before he changed the gas useage
    Levi was my personal favorite,
    I now use Jean - for the 1st time
    ever I used Misaka - and liked it!

    Short video of me:

    youtube . com /watch?v=Fo-7sC3BA4Y&list=UU6cgBs-5SEiUzflJeQPqcAQ

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    Well no i still not play yet but after see that video i'll surly go to market tomorrow morning to get this game

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