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    Default What Games excite you?

    I havent really been excited over a new strategy game. I dont mind the new Xcom but I love the old one. I also used to play Earth 2150 and Dune.

    But in the last few weeks Ive gotten all excited over EA doing Star Wars games and a little unknown game Artifact Red X. Im excited because it looks like it might fill that strategy hole ive had for a while and when the disappointment of EA's SW titles washes over im hoping this little gem does the trick!! I noticed its endorsed by one of the guys who made Earth 2150!!! (saw it on Kickstarter)

    So what im saying is, what game, maybe its a small indie game or a blockbuster really gets you going? and why??
    And any favorite game designers?

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    Knights and Merchants! The best RTS for me)

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    I saw Civilization VI teaser and it seems awesome game to play. Civ V is also a good one so this new game must be good.

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    as for me, im a fan of W3, tho its an old game, still pretty sick 2 play with friends

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    GTFO seems to be quite interesting, if only they made a aliens game...

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    The sims 2 is the better then the sims 3 ..CSS was a good game but I dont play it anymore

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