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    Default Ultimate Gaming Kickstarter THread IV TO THE MAX

    Since there are an abundance of threads surrounding games on kickstarter and kickstarter is abundant in fledgling games companies, I though we should compile them here.

    Post the link of the kickstarter page, discuss the game itself, talk about donations, and why the game deserves recognition.

    Lets begin:

    Frozen State

    Frozen State by Snow Arc Kickstarter

    This game drew me in through one of its wallpapers which features a goddamn soviet mech! The game focuses on an alternate reality where an alien parasite overrides a Siberian city and forces the government to quarantine and bomb the city. The game places you in the role of a survivor living in the closed city.

    I like this game because it reminds me of STALKER with the gameplay of Torchlight and Killing Floor
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