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The New Batman
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Thread: The New Batman

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    Default The New Batman

    Welp, they've finally cast the new Batman....
    *drum roll*
    Ben Affleck! Whomp whomp...

    Holy casting news! Ben Affleck to play Batman in sequel - NBC News.com

    You know. For once I'm going to reserve judgement until I see the movie. All I've seen all morning is people complaining about it.... I'm pretty sure he's not going to make a good Batman. But we shall see :P

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    I heard about it before I went to work today.

    I don't think we can go from what Christian Bale set as the bar for being Batman to Benny. Plus this might result in the movie suffering in the box office.
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    I think that anyone besides Christan Bale was going to be weird, no one was going to be happy no matter who it was.

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    Totally disklike this casting... Ben is so... average. Ya his recent success, blah blah...

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    batman is at most a costumed very skilled martial arts creep who is rich
    making movies about him sounding like a mutated dog/bat that can speak english is like a slap in the bells for all humans with a taste of real fictional logic

    i suspect that batman has been mistaken and accepted as a superhero because superman comicbooks were already popular at the time he was first released to the masses of kids

    if it was up to me i would have superman kick batmans ass back to his cave
    or teach him how to fly from a cliff without his gadgets!!

    i might like the movie i dont care about actors since i never remember them anyways
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    Looking back at this, I've come to realize how the new DC movies (with the exemption of Wonder Woman) were terribly made.

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