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History Fighter: Card Game
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    Question History Fighter: Card Game

    I saw someone talking about this game on Twitter. History Fighter - The historical figure fight club! by Headrush Games Kickstarter

    Has anyone heard of it? I like the concept... I'd so want to see Cleopatra and Mozart duke it out. haha

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    Sounds like a cool idea, I'm always interested in games that have some non fiction in them. Definitely a cool concept, I don't see a lot of people catching on to it though.

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    Why don't you think it'll catch on?

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    IMO, for most card games to become popular they have to have a wide fan base. And most people that are into card games are generally interested in more of fantasy games with monsters or dragons. I just don't see a lot of other people thinking this is "cool."

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    Interesting, I get what you're saying! I guess for me that was one of the appeals of it, that it wasn't your typical 'fantasy' based card game, but something with a little more "truth" to it.

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