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Best multiplayer Strategy games?
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    Default Best multiplayer Strategy games?

    In your experiance what have been the most fun strategy games to play with others?

    I have enjoyed playing Age of Empires 2 with its re-release on steam. I have always thought it was a remarkably fun multiplayer game without needing to be hardcore at it like some games.

    Speaking of hardcore starcraft2 is a lot of fun but everyone is either new to it or 100 times better at it than me. I love the starcraft games but the learning curve is brutal.

    No doubt most members are familiar with LOL, that is a fun game but I dont enjoy the random teams element. I like to say I won on my own or lost most times, maybe if I just played with pre set teams more I would have stuck with it. Generally i just didnt have the patience for loosing so often, regardless of personal performance. Statistically speaking on a team of five more often you loose because of someone else, making it very hard to climb any rank system. But if you tell people that it sounds like you are blaming your team for losses and not taking any responsibility. Just a frustrating overall experience for some.

    Also if anyone wants to jump on AOE2 or starcraft 2 ever hit me up. Always like playing with people from the forum.
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