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    Talking Rebooting ID classics

    So is anyone excited about this fourth gen console only Doom Reboot.
    I am a lot of people will probably feel like they did about the Dlc reboot feeling like dont touch classics you will ruin it. However I have as much faith in I'D software to make a game as I do in hideo kojima. Some people know what they are doing and they can take ecen the worst sounding ideas and make them better then people thought.
    I am also pretty amped for the game that you get the beta Doom promotion codes from which is .
    The new wolfenstien Reboot
    I remember saying that remaking old games was a good idea and it still is. Its not like a movie it would almost have to be intentional to horrible upgrade a old game story. Thats like someone managing to mess up the mario platforming formula . It would be so out of place and obviously wrong that it just shouldn't happen. But then again bullet storm and body count
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    There's a Doom remake coming out? Sweet! I've been meaning to get the HD edition, I think I will as soon as I beat Xenoblade Chronicles. This'll give me something to look forward to next gen besides Final Fantasy.

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