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Final Fantasy XIV: ARR
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    Default Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

    Is anyone playing this? I bought it for PS3 at release and wasn't impressed. They offered a free PS4 upgrade though so I took and and bought a month's subscription. I've been sinking about an hour or two each night into it, which is lots for me o.O It's right up on par with ESO, in terms of fun anyways, as far as I'm concerned.

    I play on Midgardsomr if anyone's interested in joining me!

    Also, Gamestop is having a sale right now on the PC version! $11.99USD, US locations only. To bypass that if you're stuck in Canadia like I or you're one of our European friends, you can buy an e-voucher for $11.99 (purchasable anywhere) and just input a state with no sales tax on checkout. You're done! (That's cheaper than 1 month subscription by the way, it comes with one free month.) IIRC the voucher takes ~1 hour to get to your email, then after purchase it's almost instant. I haven't done it myself but been told by IRL friends it works just fine.

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    If it ever went free to play, I'd be inin a heartbeat. This game looms fantastic but if I remember correctly the subscription is pricey.

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    Yeah it's about $15/month, same as ESO, WoW, Wildstar, Eve, etc. It's pretty much the standard price. Figured for $15 I'd try it for a month though Cheaper than the bar haha.

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    Everyone I know that plays it, loves it. Too bad I can't afford more than 1 game sub per month, or I'd totally be playing this

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    I know, that's where I'm stuck too D: all my XBL friends are choked that I'm gonna be away for a second month on this, haha.

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