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VIdeo Cards
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    I'm trying to build a new pc but the numbers on video cards are soo confusing. It's difficult for me to tell which video card is the better by just reading the numbers of the card. for example, how can I tell if the NVIDIA GTX660 TI WF2 2GB DDR5 2 PCIE3 is better than the AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB Video Card. Seriosly, how can I tell? Is there A chart somewhere that lists all the video cards both nvida and radeon, and where they fall with each other and against each other?

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    I'm currently running an AMD Radeon R9 270x which is pretty close to the Radeon R7. Gotta say it's pretty great.

    To better answer your question I use this site. It's a benchmark testing site that allows you to compare graphics cards. I generally just search the one I want and then search another and check their scores. This site also does processors.

    PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmark Charts - Video Card Model List

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    Thank you, i think that might work for what i need. I can google what the best video card is to run a certain game and then i can see where the one im looking at comes in at.

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    Yeah, it's pretty difficult to tell which cards are better. Graphics cards are also the single most important thing for gaming. You have to look at the spec's, not just how many Gigs the card says or the newer model number. Memory bandwidth and memory clock speed are for running higher resolutions and multiple displays. Texture units for tf and af during gaming helps keep the from being choppy and processes information. The rop and core clock speeds are for frame rates; though there are a lot of other things that factor into FPS as well. Be sure to check the Wattage as well, GPU easily suck up the most juice over anything else.

    Easier thing to do is too look at some type of comparison chart like ziek posted.
    I personally used this one Graphics Card Performance Hierarchy Chart - Best Graphics Cards For The Money: July 2014 Has the fastest cards at the top, and decrease in speed as you go down. Also compares Radeon and Nvidia cards.

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