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Windows 7 or 8
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Thread: Windows 7 or 8

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    Default Windows 7 or 8

    My son just got a laptop and it has windows 8.1 on it .... I hate it, partly because I don't know it. I remember when windows first came out and how much I loved it. It doesnt seem to be the case here.

    Is it worth getting on my new PC and learning, or should I opt for the windows 7 home pro?

    I won't be useing a touch screen and this is for my Gaming desktop, not my all in one or super tablet. Now if i was getting an all in one i could see how usefull it could be, and how after learning it, it would be better.


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    Stay with Windows 8.1 The only, and ONLY difference I have ever found in day-to-day and gaming use, is that when you press where the start button is, you get metro screen instead of a start bar.

    I believe there is a function that brings back the start bar though in Windows 8.1, but I'm using 7 right now and can't check D:

    The boot times are faster, there is more growing support for Windows 8 due to being able to make programs the same across all of their platforms, and after going back to Windows 7 (That I'm on now) I fully regret going back to it. I don't really have any more reasons than that as all I do is Skype/game/browse but it's made me wanna go back! I'm just too lazy to backup my computer haha.

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    I got my dad a Win 8.1 laptop for his birthday earlier this year, he's not a big fan, I haven't used it enough to say too much about it but from the little I've used it, I didn't find it very intuitive at first. I'm still sticking with Windows 7, and will probably stay on Win7 for a while. I stuck with WinXP until a year into Win 7 (although I bought my dad another laptop back then that had Windows Vista lol, I seem to get him operating systems that I don't like, I hope he didn't notice).

    Personally, I'll wait for Windows 9.
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    I have a surface pro and Windows 8 works really well for that. That being said, I'd hate using it on my desktop, Wimdows 7 just feels better for what I do (music production and gaming). I can't say much in regard to potential performance improvements or anything like that, but if you're building a desktop PC for gaming, Windows 7 just feels right, go with that and upgrade to Win 9 later if you feel the need (and if they don't **** it up).

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    Once you learn the HotKeys for Windows 8, it really isn't that bad. Win+R Goes to desktop. Ctrl+Tab is a lot more useful. Alt+F4 is a quick way to shut it down. There are 100's of them, something to look into if you use Windows 8, there is a shortcut for just about anything. Windows 8 definitely uses less resources than 7 as well. So performance wise, you'll get more out of your PC using 8. That being said, I still use Windows 7 for my gaming desktop. My school laptop does have Windows 8 though. I feel way more comfortable with it and already know where to find everything. I don't see myself leaving windows 7 for awhile. The more I use my laptop, the more okay I become with Windows 8 though, I hated it when I first got it.

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    I prefer 7,Still getting used to 8

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