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Gamers Forum Ranked Team
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    Default Gamers Forum Ranked Team

    I know this type of thread has been up a lot in this sub-forum but it seems to me a lot of them are dead. But I'd like to create a ranked team for the Massive Online Battle Arena game League of Legends. As of right now (and always) I main support (Both Bot lane support and "Top lane support" a.k.a Jungle) and if anyone would like to join me in this endeavor please post below or add me on League the info will be down below.

    There are eight slots in a ranked team but five roles, but I'm looking to fill the roster and either get vent or teamspeak for us to communicate better (I perfer push to talk, not everyone is screaming at once).
    What I hope to get for the team.
    • 2 Attack Damage Carries
    • 2 Middle Laners
    • 2 Top Laners
    • 1 Jungler
    • 1 Support

    Now to go into detail on why this is good for Gamers Forum.

    • We can spread our name
    • It will bring the community together
    • Give our comunity something to watch in the form of a stream or youtube
    • We can win money by going to tournaments *cough* Mobafire tournaments *cough*
    • It's a team building exercise
    • You can feed poros
    • Sona

    Any feedback would be great though. Either on here or on League. If we do form a team I'll be sure to update the thread. And Hold tryouts if we need to o.o

    League of Legends Summoner Name - SanctionAngel
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    We have a team, we were Silver IV in 3v3, but got dropped to V due to inactivity.

    You can add me as well (nLinux) and I'll send you an invite to the group, we already have a bunch of members there.

    It would be great to actually get ranked in 5v5 matches, but I think a lot of us have timing issues.

    edit: just noticed it's a duplicate thread, closing this one
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