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How to talk to girls and get their number for gamers by gamers - Page 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordIam View Post
    However, if when you say text me some time, and she says, "ok!" and simply walks away, that means she is not interested in you, and you wont have to embarrass yourself trying to find other ways to get her attention!
    Thats not how things work, if she doesn't like you, YOU MAKE HER LIKE YOU!!!! Preferably by stalking and by repeatedly use previous steps until it works.

    And for a new pickup line tip

    "YOU'RE GOING TO BE MY NEW MEAT BICYKLE", scream it in your targets face for best effect.

    The tip came from this kind fella.

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    Thats messed up..lol

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    Being a gamer girl and getting a lot of messages from guys, I'd say be polite is most important. The guys who start a conversation with nice things like "Hi how are you?" Asking about my interests etc stay in my friends list for a long time. I've had guys that seem nice at first, then bombard me with personal questions get instantly deleted or banned. Same idea goes for in person, the nicer you are, the longer you will know her.

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    Just be yourself, don't try to wiggle your ears or look what I can do stuff, if you are skipping the weird stuff, you have a chance. Listen to what she says, don't pretend to listen but actually listen, ask about her hobbies,try to know her, if she mentions that she likes gaming, your in. Just say really, I love that game, small talk about game, than before it turns to big talk, make up a reason to leave, say it was nice talking, we should get in touch some time, if she liked you, at this point you will be exchanging numbers

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