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Twisted Treeline Combo of Doom
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    Default Twisted Treeline Combo of Doom

    Recently my friend and I have decided to try the Support Meta on TT. 2 games with a random and 2 games with a friend of ours. All 4 games have yielded the same results. Opponents have ranged from mid silver to high gold.

    I play Yasuo and he plays Braum x 2 / Leona / Alistar. We prefer an AP bot laner with something Yasuo can ult from but not necessary. I don't always get a lot of kills but we have crippled enemy farming and jacked mine up really high allowing me massive damage in teamfights and tower pushing.

    We will pretty much pick Yasuo every chance we get for this but he gets a frequent ban for ranked. Anyone got any thoughts on who we could sub? Currently I'm thinking Fiora but need more.

    For those of you that play 3s let me know if you give this a try. Would love to know some other results and combos you find.

    Here is round 4 for reference. We really weren't even trying but you can pretty effectively see the strength in the comp as well as the weakness. As most of the team gold goes to me, if I die the rest of the team struggles.

    TT - Yasuo, Braum, Lulu - YouTube

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