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PS4 Game Share
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Thread: PS4 Game Share

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    So today, October 28th, Sony Launched their update called Masamune, or Firmware 2.0. With that update came a lot of welcomed things, like themes beautiful themes. One feature I was extremely skeptical about was the game share. For those of you who do not know, their game share feature allows a friend to share a game with you over the internet, even if you do not own the game. It can be done with co-op games or single player games. Co-op games you join him and single players games he passes the controller over to you and watches you. They locked the resolution in at 720 and FPS at 30.

    Now, just because I always intend the service to fail out of the gate, I went in with relatively low expectations, like servers not working or the service is down. However I still wanted to try it out. My friend has Evil Within, a game I want to play, so I asked if we could test it out. Simple to start all you do is play the game hit SHARE, Share game and then select a friend you wanna share with. I hit my home button to go to the Notification then jumped into the game. Easy, simple, fast... honestly I am lil blown away. No problems, looks good for being streamed from a friend. dark colors were pixelated but nothing to cry over. I played a good 40 min before stopping to eat lunch. It was a great experience,almost like he was next to as I played. I could hear him laugh as I die, tell me to go a certain way to die, sell me out to an enemy... honestly I enjoyed my first taste of this service. I cannot wait to try it out on sports games and fighting games. Especially Guilty Gear coming out in December. Now I am planning to stream Dragon Age: The Inquisition just cause this service, and the ShareStudio, seem so fun to use. For those of you with a PS4, have you tried it yet? Thoughts? Future plans?

    Thank you Rachel and Subb for all the help

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    First I've heard of this. Just got a PS4, so I should try it.

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    Same here, since I just bought a ps4 a couple days ago, sounds awesome to me.

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