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    Default Help me to find.


    Sorry, if the topic really doesn't belong here, but i'm so frustrated.

    Please help me find a game.

    I last played it with my windows95 or windows 2000, so you may see that it is a really old game.
    It was a 3d fantasy game (like wolfenstein, you go around, kill and collect), but it had like mystical creatures in it. There you had to kill red flying dragons. These were the weakest. And some creatures with looked like a brown bigfoot, which were almost impossible to kill. And when you were killed, then you fell on the ground and you could see, what they did after, eventho you could not see what you looked like (like in wolfenstein) you only saw your weapon. For your weapons, you could choose from 7. The strongest one could kill you with its backfire. That weapon was golden (like a sceptre). Then there was a weapon with was like a cannon. Well like a medieval weapons.
    And in the game you could collect different things. I only remember a golden mask with wings. That was a really rare thing. And when you collect it, you could fly. (It was a game around the time when supaplex was really cool)

    I know my wish is VERY insane and weird and hard to understand. But hey, I took 30 minutes of my time to translate it to english, so please be kind to me

    Your sad little Newbie

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