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What happened to my post?
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    Exclamation What happened to my post?

    It has been about 72 hours since I posted a reply to my thread titled PC-Gaming on a 3D TV, and my post is nowhere to be seen.
    Upon choosing the option to post reply, I was told that my post would be visible as soon as an administrator approves it. It felt peculiar, seeing as it was my 11th post, posted on a thread that is clearly not a troll/bait/advertisement, but I let it be. Three days later, there is no hint of an administrator's approval.

    Why is it so, and has my post been registered? Do I need to make a new one?

    This type of support is in no way welcoming to new members.


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    Haven't seen any notifications or gotten any notices saying there was a flagged comment, it was probably caught in a filter and didn't send out the notification. Sometimes we don't get to check a thread or are busy for a few days and miss out on seeing new posts D:

    Approved now

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    Ok. For a moment there I considered the possibility of having joined a dilapidated community. Glad it isn't so.

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    Ummm... Waiting on another approval in the same thread.
    What rite of passage need I go through to eliminate the necessity of approvals?
    Seriously though, check the thread.

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    This site gets TONS of spammers, so we have a few measures to counter them. Unfortunately, they also make things a bit difficult for new users. We haven't really found a better way to handle it yet..

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