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    Default Thoughts on the Nintendo GameCube

    I have always been a dedicated gamer, but one console means a lot more to me than the rest of them - the GameCube. This console, unlike friends and family, was always there for me, and was a prominent figure throughout my upbringing in the 2000's. I would spent thousands of hours playing titles such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Super Smash Bros Melee, the Mario Party series and so on. However, I've discussed the GameCube with others, and they have fed me numerous complaints about the console and its titles. I found this hard to cope with, and I'm now bringing the question here.

    What are your thoughts on the GameCube, and what is your favorite/least favorite title for the console?

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    I love it! It was my favorite console next to the original Xbox. I don't know how much SSX and Pokemon Coliseum I played on it, but it was probably too much haha. I don't think there was a game that I played I didn't like either to be honest!

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    GameCube is probably my least favorite Nintendo Console and is actually the only one I don't own. I've played it at friends house when I was younger and older, it just seems like the game library is lacking. It doesn't have much to offer once you set aside the Mario Titles. There are a few gems I'm sure, I do have a Wii that plays GC games and the only games I actually have for it are Zelda games. I feel the same way about the N64, it has a few good titles that are really good, but after that the small library doesn't have much to offer.

    My favorite Nintendo Consoles from least favorite to favorite:

    GC < N64 < Wii < Wii U < SNES < NES

    That being said, I had SNES and NES when I was little, then I went the Playstation route. So I didn't have the GC or N64 growing up, I wish I have, because I enjoy Nintendo a lot more now.

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    I loved it back in the day, and it had some great games (and possibly the best graphics of the generation). However, I'd have to say that it is definitely is the least memorable console that Nintendo has released.

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