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World of Warcraft Introduces Tokens, and Veteran Accounts
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    Default World of Warcraft Introduces Tokens, and Veteran Accounts

    There is now going to be an item you can purchase with real money or gold in game to extend your game time by 30 days! The way the token system will work is person A buys a token, and it is sent to their mailbox. Person B can find the token on it's very own auction house, and purchase it for gold.

    I think it's a very good way to build up a gold sink, and provide another way for people to play the game. This is great for people like me who like to play for a month or two, and then take a break for a few months. The token system doesn't have a date for release/testing yet, but should be relatively soon.

    There are also now "veteran accounts." Basically, when you have no subscription time, your account reverts to the starter version. You can play new characters up to level 20, have the trade/chat/party restrictions, and a 20g gold cap on each <20 character. However there are a few exceptions because of it being a veteran account. You can join guilds higher level characters are in, and you can actually log in to your high level characters although no joining parties, gaining xp, or doing battlegrounds/raids. Future restrictions may be added. This actually took effect this past Tuesday!

    So yes, this means you can actually log in to your inactive account on your level 100, go buy a token, and redeem it for 30-days of in game time. It's pretty neat, and I'm glad that Blizzard added this is a payment method. It gets people who have money gold, and those who have gold playtime! It worked well for TERA when it was a sub model, Wildstar before it turned to butt, and EVE follows this as well. I'm excited for it to come in to effect completely on a game with the playerbase to support it!
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    It's finally live as soon as maintenance is over today. 20 dollars is the price of the Token. And the starting price in the AH is going to be 30k. This is about the same price as buying gold from gold farmers, and I except the price to rise the first week or so just because it's new. Might buy a couple and try to sell them once the price goes up a little.

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