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    Default Need help with what to buy and play!! Help guys :)

    Hi guys, im new to this forum and it looks really fun and friendly in here.
    I have been gaming a lot but i havent played in the last 3 years because im doing electrical and electronic engineerin so im really busy, i only have time to play a bit in the summer. But this summer I want to be a bit of nerd and play as crazy couz i really need it and i kindaa missed it i believe!!
    I won some money on betting recently and i was considering buying some cool games for PC btw( i have ps3 but i really dont like to play on consoles, so PC for the win for me... all way :P) i dont have great pc with specs but was thinking to upgrade it in the next following weeks but thats the easier bit if you have money...

    Right.. i really like games like hitman, cod, fifa, pes, splinter cell, far cry, dishonored, ghost recon etc... i love story based games bcuz it is very important to me.. i played FC3 like 2 years ago in the summer and i felt in love with its storyline ... same with any cod SP out there.. it just makes me feel like its right for me ! :P
    anyways i was considering buying far cry 4, cod gghosts(its like 5£ here) and gta 5.... is there any suggestion you can give me about these games? i watched quite few videos but tbh videos never ever help me when decinig what to buy and play, that never worked for me so i want some cool tips and suggestions etc.... should i go for these games? any more you can suggest? i really missed gaming! just wanna be a bit nerd this summer :P

    I know this is a long post, but hope you read, and sorry if any mistake is made.

    Thanks for reading, catch y'll

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    If your PC can run GTA 5 I highly suggest getting it. It's a great game, so much to do with it. Easily the best game of the series

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    yeah just bought it today my pc will probably run it in lowest settings but i might upgrade my pc in the next weeks so im ok with that... but i heard that the game crashes too often.. whys that??

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    Good and am exciting ...

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    If you don't mind older games, I HIGHLY recommend System Shock 2, it's on Steam. It's similar to Bioshock, but has more of an RPG/Survival sort of twist. It's not a stealth game, but there are some parts where hiding (rather than fighting) can save your life. It's not too expensive, and it's old so any computer can run it. Tons of fun.

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    What about Fallout 4? Pretty cool story line and tons to do, check out the game play for that

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