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Database from Elite Force
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    Post Database from Elite Force

    Forgive me if I copy my introduction from another forum I just recently joined. I was looking for a communityof gamer's to chill with and message in between renders on my videos. I was suggested this place might be the best place for what I'm looking for by "KittyCat72." If it gets a little bit weird, keep in mind I've joined a YouTube gaming community, and some of the wording I may have let slip through was for their board. I tried to just keep all of the descriptive stuff about me in instead.

    "Hello! I'm Trent, a fairly optimistic and nerdy 22 year old with a passion for editing and I'm always into discussing video game content with other people. I am definitely excited to start networking with you all, as I personally believe in strengthening some smaller and less known talent into the spotlight. I'm incredibly happy to inform you all about myself and what I do!

    I usually try to play a little bit of Smash Bros. everyday, as it is a game I really enjoy. If you have ever fought me in For Glory, it's probably just been under my name Trent, so I guess you could never really clarify that you saw me. Haha I'm the head of the project being launched off of the ground and we're all taking a pretty big risk with it... because it's something we're all very passionate about. I will personally never call myself a pro gamer, because I don't really like giving myself that kind of label. I like to play a lot of different varieties of games, and I don't want to ever discourage anyone from ever wanting to play a game of anything with me. I am proficient with Mario, Link, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Roy, Marth, Ness, Samus, Yoshi, and King Dedede. I couldn't tell you really which characters are bad solely because of the constant patching being done.

    I have been working minimum wage jobs for a few years now, just saving up my money a bit for things like this. I guess on of the things that I'm most proud of getting this past year is the animations you see above. I was once at college in Bowling Green about four years ago, dropped out because the timing wasn't right... but I met a whole bunch of great people while I was there. He offered to do these animations for free, but I wouldn't allow it. One of the greatest things I feel I can do is pay someone for their time. I try to do it anytime I can. If there is one thing I've learned in life so far is that you can't do everything alone... I can't be afraid to partner up or ask for help.

    I have had the luxury of being surrounded by many talented people over the years, but none quite so dedicated as the group I'm currently undertaking. My own personal talents have always pegged myself as a leader of our group... I love working with others. But there have been times I have been severely discouraged. I was once tasked in creating a radio drama, a task I succeeded in crating six original episodes about a D&D adventure involving a ranger, a bard, and a half dragon. It was early work, but it was excellent for what it was. However, I have found that reaching out to the wrong people is sort of a death trap to your own ideas. Unreliable people on unreliable schedules had nearly put me in a state of depression, and for a brief period in my life, I had experienced panic attacks quite rapidly and often. If I have any flaw, it is that I stress out when things do not go according to my schedule. After all, I was a college student offering no real incentive to these people, so when they showed up to the studio blasted out of their mind... I just had to deal with it. But I cancelled my own show after half of a season because managing people without the true passion for the craft left me wanting. This was in 2011 or 2012.

    A few years down the line, I had lost the girl I had been dating for a little over three years. I had let a part of myself die with failed projects and failed relationships until about eight months ago. I began to turn all of this around. I'm a very nice person, which makes it really easy for certain people to walk over me. But on the flip side, it really makes it easy for me to make long lasting meaningful friends I can rely on. Because I might seem a tad bit over friendly and sharing, I want to formally apologize for any mushy behavior I might seem to exude. I just wanted to tell the story of Trent in a way that you might find interesting! Haha

    I have always had a difficulty holding back about myself, so it's really nice to just have the opportunity to join a community and talk to like minded people every once and a while. And whether you're 16 or 40, I welcome your friendship here. I love the idea of a gaming show online, I love the soul behind the personalities, and I love seeing so many people come together with similar ideals in entertainment when the world around me is falling apart because of civil political debates. (I live in the south)

    I've said way too much already... Hello, friends. Please ask me some questions. Haha "

    I can't really link any of the art stuff, or editing, so I'll just leave this intro here. Lol

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    Hey, friend of KittyCat! Welcome to Gamers Forum. We used to be much more active then we are now but hopefully activity picks up a little, we need more gamers like you in the community.
    Do not PM me regarding your problems or suggestions for the board unless you are offering me money. I will Ignore your posts and if you bother me too much, you will be banned.

    ►Easy Programming | My Youtube
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    Why thank you! Lol gamers like me just rant about nothing a lot, so if you're into that kinda thing, it will be just fine. Sorry about your dip in activity though, I've been there myself.

    I'll be around though, commenting on things that peak my overall interest.

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    You'll have to poke me when you stumble upon any interesting threads, Data. Help keep me a little more active on here.

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