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    Default Cry of Fear - am I or am I not supposed to have ammo?

    Being a horror game, I assumed ammo was supposed to be scarce. And so it was. When I got to Chapter 3, both my Glock and the Remington were empty. The previous two chapters, I remember using guns only for dangerous situations - and I noticed that there was always a supply of ammo before said situations occured. Fair enough.
    The Sawrunner annoyed me, so I checked an online walkthrough on how to kill him. To my surprise, I saw in the screenshots, the guy doing the walkthrough had 10 clips for the Glock. I thought he must have been very stingy with it - but no - he uses it all the time. So what gives? Is he using cheats? Is there a game mechanic I am not aware of?

    I clearly remember checking every room for supplies. I could never get past 4 clips at a time. There always was a need to fire before I could get past an 'ammo is scarce' state - and yes, I preserved ammo and I am a fairly good shot, so it's not like I've been wasting bullets on air.
    I got this far mostly on the melee mechanic (and oddly enough, I have either missed the nightstick, or must have thought it was just decoration). The pocketknife is boring me. I would much rather be able to shoot than do a clunky stab-dodge-rinse-and-repeat.
    Has the version I'm playing (downloaded from Steam) gotten some ammo-crippling update? Is there an in-game currency or something?

    I'm on Chapter 3, the part when the Sawrunner emerges for the first time. Any spoiler-free advice on ammo (or a better melee weapon) - if that is how the game was intended to be played - will be appreciated. I am playing on 'Normal', if that makes any difference.


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