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    Default Questions regarding old copyright

    Hello, so I have a question about copyright on a 10 year old game.
    Stubbs the Zombie is a video game released(or made in)
    2005 realeased for XBOX, MAC and PC. It is currently discontinued on Steam and sale stores everywhere, of course, since no one uses an xbox original (I still have one.) So Let's get to the real question here.

    Stubbs the Zombie, would it be illegal or legal to download and play on your computer, since it is
    discontinued from sales, even on steam even though it WAS available earlier in its initial release. It's a 10 year old game, and no one even remembers the game, and I doubt even the creators remember making this amazing video game. So, before I try to play it, I want to ask if it would be illegal to download it.

    I love this video game and I still even have the demo disc that comes with a call of duty demo as well as gamer news and etc. It was fun and is still is fun and would love to play it again. Thanks for the answers!

    P.S. I'm sorry but i don't know where to put this at, so i put it here just in case. Thanks!

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    Hi there! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one over here who is into older games

    To be honest I do think it would be illegal, because as far as I know the copyright of video games is no different from the copyright of other media. Not sure about the copyright of this exact game though, but just to give you an idea: there are some games out there whose copyrights will expire after 120 years! D:

    Just erring on the safe side though, but I still think 10 years is a bit short and this game is most likely to still have a valid copyright.

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