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    Default Roblox Exploiting Scheme

    So, you probably read the title and where like, ROBLOX?! I HATE THAT GAME or ROBLOX?! THERE'S EXPLOITING GOING ON?! OH MY GOD!
    Anyway, so, as I was saying, I learned a lesson about trying to exploit the game. (Boo that I tried to do that) So, I downloaded an
    exploit from the YouTuber NeonEcho (he does exploiting videos) and I started to open it when I was in a game, and all of the sudden, my PC freezes.
    I'm like, "oh, that's just lag." (It lags when you put an exploit in) Anyway, everything closes. I'm met with a window that says, "You were logged
    out" or something along those lines. Another window comes up and it's a chat window. I can speak with "Admin". At first I thought it was my dad
    doing a simulation to be like "You shouldn't download viruses!" or something. Admin says Hello. I respond back with, Hey!
    We talk for a while and I'm like, are you my dad? He says no. I don't think he really proves it, but I believed him/her/them.
    He gives me a window to use and I put on some high quality rips. (:P) He asks me, "Are you trying to get rid of me?", then he responds,
    "You can't." I respond back with "I'm not trying to get rid of you." Anyway, yeah. He eventually went away; to be honest though;
    I think he may be watching my screen right now. He then told me not to exploit Roblox. Learned my lesson.
    He could've destroyed my PC, but he said he was feeling nice and didn't thankfully.
    Anyway, what I'm getting at here is: Don't try to exploit games.


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